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Today, Education is undergoing modify at an unexampled rate. The economic and social realities postulate changes to the ways education is hand over, and today’s educators must be able to use technology to facilitate learning and assist students stand out. The intersection of IT and teaching methodologies will revolutionize the way students acquire and will drive both students and faculty to higher phase of creativity, performance, and interaction. levels of collaboration, communication and service delivery.

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Today, the Financial Services industry is faced with rising cost of regulatory compliance, the evolving threat of cybercrime, and a various technology landscape.These challenges, however, have opened up a wide array of opportunities, many of which still remain undeveloped. Thus, there is a constant need to renew existing systems and address new challenges.

At Genuine Soft Technologies, we enable endeavour to reconstitute their operating models, institutionalize compliance rules, and modernize technology infrastructure, while assisting to purchase automation - to renew themselves - and emerge more efficient.

Media & Entertainment

The digitalization of the media and entertainment industry is racing ahead at breakneck speed and demands continuous conception from providers, disregarding of the industry: broadcasting and TV, books, magazines and newspapers, or music. The Media and Entertainment industry needs to address switch in technology, demographic preferences, and ubiquity of mobile devices.

We'll be at your side with IT solutions, tailored incisively to fit your branch, through the digital transmutation of your media-based business. You'll be able to handle your content efficiently and delight your customers with consistent content. We'll assist you maximize your net profit and optimize your processes thanks to our comprehensive IT expertise and numerous years of experience in the media industry. Manage your content efficiently, market your content successfully, reach out and catch the interest of your target groups.

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Outsourcing & Offshoring

Genuine Soft Technologies is a global Software Outsourcing and Offshore Development company providing specialized Product Development and Product Re-engineering services to endeavours worldwide. Genuine Soft Technologies, an Offshore Development specialist, to germinate a no-obligations Software Outsourcing Management Plan for your organization.

Combining the definite bottom-line benefits of Offshore Outsourcing with its accepted expertise in Offshore Software Development- Software Outsourcing, Website Design, Web Application Development Solutions and Mobile development Solutions, Genuine Soft Technologies delivers unmatched value for your organization. Genuine Soft Technologies not only aims at saving cost for your organization, we also assure world-beating quality of services along with a business continuity plan. We have a clear focus on cost-effective and huge quality software development, which helps us deliver on time

Real estate

The real estate industry convey people and information unitedly. Our real estate clients provide a variety of services ranging from commercial, residential services, assessment, valuation, development, building, membership and other related services.

Real Estate industry can be classified into various types of businesses ranging from commercial, residential, retail to hospitality. Each of these businesses has distinct business dynamics and challenges. At Genuine Soft Technologies, we understand the business needs of the industry and have developed templatised solutions based on best practices for real estate industry enabling faster deployment. We treat IT deployment as a “business transformation” enterprise instead of just a technology execution. We understand for successful IT deployment it is important to ensure IT work culture adoption by the client.

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startup ideas to app solutions ,Cost Controller , Time tracker, CRM , Hotel Management System , Event Management System ,

Retail & eCommerce

Retail & eCommerce Web development has indeed become a necessity instead of a means to drive greater traffic.We, at Genuine Soft technologies, one of the pioneered web development companies,offer efficacious and effectual eCommerce web design,plug-in & module development solutions for huge level enterprises.E-Commerce is no longer just about furnishing web-based services.

Genuine Soft Technologies views each client as a business partner and acts as an extension of your own squad. We are vested in your success and will work difficult to offer the expert advice and services you need to be successful. Genuine Soft Tecnologies staff is always accessible to you throughout the implementation process and for continued support over the long haul.


Genuine Soft Technologies develops solutions tailored for global telecom service providers, carriers and telecom software product marketer.Our underlying IT solutions, Potentialities, and architecture play a central role in enabling telecom players to achieve operational excellence.

Today, pressure from promising technologies and over-the-top (OTT) players is transforming telecom service supplier from carrier of voice and data into the role of service-enablers. Genuine Soft Tecnologies helps service providers attain operational efficiency, reduce service rollout time, boost innovation and accomplish business and operational targets. We purchase our business knowledge and in-depth expertise across the several lines of technology, thereby furnishing you with the most forwarded solutions.

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Travel, Tourist and Hotel

The most prospering industry across the world is at the threshold of advanced technology adaptation with abundant bit of web and mobile apps relifing out your life even while you are travelling. Nobody has so much time to sit and book tickets, search hotels, food, tourist spots etc.People want everything in their fingertips and technology has been grinning upon us via invariant innovations. Checking into hotel rooms, Getting the boarding pass etc. can be done through easy to use apps in the most convenient way.

Genuine Soft Technologies designs and develops some of the most comprehensive and innovative travel and hotel booking solutions available today.  The unique, custom company solutions we offer result in functional efficiencies, raised revenues and reduced costs for our clients.