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IT Business Collaboration is at the heart of why organizations exist. Corporations came into being because it is more efficient than markets at deploying a set of resources to produce specific goods and services

M-commerce solutions are particularly interesting for Financial Services, product based, telecommunications, Retails and companies that are looking to increase their customer engagement

Genuinesoft technologies has all the tools to develop, design and deploy mobile applications.We support various operating systems i.e. iOS, Android, Windows, Smartphone, tablets and models to deliver a single management console.
E-commerce Website Development & Custom Content Management System (CMS) provides the establishment for almost every site and integrate a variety of modules, HTML5 design elements and powerful management tools
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Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility boost business context with the latest mobile computing and smart intelligent solutions. Mobile technology and enterprise application become core requirements to effectively serve customers and help real time decision.

Business Transformation: We help our clients attain customer centric mobility solution and development of mobile apps to suit client business needs

Accelerating Innovation: We create a solution to suit our clients’ needs. We believe in innovation and hassle free delivery.

Proficient Operation: We also help in boosting your entire operation system. Enterprise mobility services can change the way and can automate various internal processes of the company technology and boost company’s output.

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Custom Web Solutions

When it comes to Web Development and Programming, Our Company is one of the leading Web Development Companies, which has solutions like custom website design, Static and Dynamic website development, SEO friendly websites, E-commerce Website Development, Web Applications built on various technologies and more.

Our team having 12 years of expertise and quick to understand the client requirements and determine the best technology solution with in economical costs and gaining an edge in the business

Our Software Web Development Company Strengths

  • Web Developers having knowledge of latest technologies which optimize the client's business process.
  • Focus on client requirements and return on investment.
  • Easy adaptability of custom Web applications through which client can quickly respond to changing business conditions if any.
  • Vast experience in various Domains.
  • Web Programmers use well-defined development methodologies within timely delivery, economic budget and overall success.
  • Extensive project management experience.

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Startup Solutions

It doesn’t matter what stage you’re at in your career or where you’re working, the startup world is one of extraordinary promising industry: getting in on the ground floor, making an impact, putting your stamp on the business, being free of politics and corporate structure, and just maybe getting a huge payday a few years down the road.

While this all sounds incredibly great and exhilarating, startup situations, by nature, have big risks attached to them. The graph on success versus failure are pretty profound toward the latter.

There is no one type of IT startup, since they vary by who the principals are, product, the industry and other variables. Having said that, startups can be described dynamic with ups and downs happening quickly. There is no shipping department, no marketing/sales, human resources, accounting and may not even be payroll. There are only smart, quick-thinking, action-oriented people. There will be no confirm working hours depends on work load. Staff are hired from the general to the specific - the first employees have many responsibilities, until the work load demands specialized staffing.

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Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise Solutions provide a scalable, easy to manage programming solution to provide information, business management for internal and external clients. Enterprise solutions deal with the issue of providing information to clients. It deals with programming and databases. The main issue is how to efficiently get our data accessible. It have the following characteristics which are as follow:

  • Security - Should be able to be sure that information is not being stolen by those we don't want to access it.
  • Cost - Should be easy to program.
  • Management - Ability to manage the implementation inclusive of version control software.
  • Portable - Should be able to accommodate changes in technology.

Therefore it is important for a business to properly choose enterprise solutions; proper requirements must be completed. All required features along with priorities for each feature must be assigned in order to make a suitable decision.

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Big Data Solutions

In all areas of organization, departments and teams are looking for actionable data and e having endless benefits to managing Big Data instead of either ignoring it. Today we will look at industry research that provides three key reasons why your organization needs a Big Data and analytic strategy now. Big Data and analytic strategy benefits your organization in several ways:

  • Creating Smarter, Leaner Organizations
  • Equipping Organization to Have Cross-Channel Conversations
  • Preparing Your Organization for the Inevitable Future

We know Big Data, and we have been experience with Hadoop for the last several years. As early adopters and implementers of Hadoop in Big Data. We have an in-house designed structured, proven blueprint that will take you through the process of setting up the implementation, and make it work for you and your company.

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Virtual Reality Solutions

Virtual reality?
Virtual reality is rapidly growing among the biggest brands in the world. Virtual reality could be used for more than just entertainment; it also help scientists to control robots in space, according to NASA. So we can build little virtual reality experience and give away google cardboards, and your marketing will stand out. Smart entrepreneurs are very much excited to explore advanced ways of doing business so by using the amazing capabilities of VR i.e. connecting people and ability to experience the things and much more.

Why virtual reality?
As soon as the technology playback a 360 degree videos was paired with devices that could accept input from the viewer, and give them control. Early attempts, however tended to fall short. Our team create how make “presence” in the viewing experience, which is one of the major challenges in the creation of virtual reality. We do it by creating content that is comfortable for the user is mindful of the project’s goal. Dedicated to the creation of a quality end user experience.

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IT Business Collaboration

Collaboration is at the heart of why organizations exist. Corporations came into being because it is more efficient than markets at deploying a set of resources to produce specific goods and services. The bigger and complex a corporation becomes the more likely it is that silos will start to emerge around business units and locations. When that happens, people start to work for the benefit of their immediate group, not the organization as a whole, preventing it from monitor into the many sources of value created by collaboration across businesses: Improved customer experience and access to multiple products and services from across the corporation. More effective execution saves time (faster decision making) and money (from resource sharing, lower interaction costs and knowledge transfer). Innovation and best strategic moves thanks to the cross-pollination of ideas, Better development and retention of talent and build links to capture them. Higher motivation and morale deriving the trust between individuals and to a community that is working toward shared goals. As per the research indicates that companies with right collaborative management capabilities achieve great financial performance and academic research shows that the ability to collaborate and more important than individual talent to innovativeness and overall performance and loyalty.

So that what we thought and yes we are ready for the long-term business collaboration with the best company which may be startup but have desired to grow as we are growing, Our developers are available on Hourly, Monthly, Fixed and Onsite basis. Let come together and make some innovative and creative development and change the technology world.

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